Quality Management System

The Quality Management System of CCECC was established in 1994 and, in the ensuing years, we manage to secure HKQAA's recommendation for certification. The system is formulated in full compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001 : 2000.

Certificate No.
CC 443 ISO 9001:1994 Construction of Buildings;
Design and Construction of Bored Piles, H Piles, Driven H-Piles, pre-bored socket H-piles and pile caps;
    Construction of Civil Engineering Work.
(water works, site formation, roads and drainage)

  The outline of our quality management system has been detailed in the Quality Policy Manual. By studying the Quality Policy Statement abstracted from the Manual, clients can understand our commitment towards the quality assurance in performing project works:-

  Our commitment to quality is certainly not lip-service in any sense. Indeed the client's satisfaction and positive feedback have well reflected our success in delivering quality products and services. We were among the Top Ten Contractors who score highest in HKHA's Performance Assessment Scoring System 1992 / 1993.

  In the future, quality assurance will continue to play a significant role in our project execution and our motto, "China Civil, Assurance of Quality"
), will be a beacon light directing our voyage of Quality Attainment.

Quality Policy Statement
We are totally committed to promote and maintain quality in the performance of our work. Our policy is summarized as below:

- To ensure that all construction contracts are completed in accordance with required standards as such installations. In all respects, we recognize that our client's specified requirements must be consistently satisfied to promote their perception of quality in our activities.

- To achieve this objective, we have established, implemented and maintained a Quality Management System complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

- To ensure that all staff, in all relevant functions, perform their duties according to the Quality Management System and follow the relevant documentation.

- To arrange regular review and audit, monitor the implementation of the system and verify compliance with the Quality Management System documentation.

- To ensure that the Quality Management System shall be continually improved its effectiveness.