Environmental Protection System

Considering the debut of ISO 14000 as the herald of an environment-conscious era in the industry, CCECC has embarked on developing an accredited Environmental Management System to brave the challenge.

@@In fact, prototype environmental protection systems have been set up for our current projects and their running is closely monitored. We also plan to invest heavily to deal with emerging environmental issues and to establish an environmental control system which is complying with the International Standard ISO14000.

@@The Environmental Policy Statement embodies our commitment to attain environment-friendly construction through the Environmental Management System and below is the pith:
@ - Implementing pollution mitigation measures, monitoring and auditing the implementation as specified.
@ - Complying with all requirements of relevant authorities throughout the construction phase of the project.
@ - Minimizing pollution and effluent discharges: We are trying our best to minimise the release of any pollutant or effluent that may damage the environment.
@ - Substainable use of natural resources: We attempt to make sustainable use of renewable natural resources such as water and forests. We also endeavour to conserve non-renewable resources through efficient use and careful planning.
@ - Reduction and disposal of waste: Strategic plans will be made to cut waste, especially hazardous ones and to recycle used materials whenever possible. All our waste should be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.
- Wise use of energy: We are adamant to use safe and sustainable energy sources to meet our needs, and invest in technology of improving energy efficiency. Energy efficient management practices will be developed in tandem.
@ - Risk reduction: We are eager to abate health and safety risks to the employees and communities in which we operate by employing safe technologies and operating procedures, and by devising contingency plan for emergencies.
@ - Management and operation commitment: Management support is secured for the implementation of the system, and employees at all operation levels will be made aware of their individual roles and responsibilities within the framework of the Environmental Policy.
@ - Being a good neighbour: We strive to avoid spoiling the aesthetic appearance of the neighbourhood of the site, develop a system for handling complaints and provide an efficient and friendly channel of communication.
@ - Assessment and annual audit: Self-evaluation of our environmental performance and audit for our compliance with regulatory requirements with be conducted annually. In the long run, we work towards the ultimate creation of independent environmental audit procedures.

Environmental Policy
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Environmental Policy Statement