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School of Public Health & Auditorium for the Faculty
of Medicine for the Chinese University of Hong Kong


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

RMJM Hong Kong Limited

HK$83 million



則 師



The site is amidst the building groups within the Prince of Wales Hospital

The Works required under this contract comprise:
   The construction of a 6-storey high academic building for the School of Public Health with an Exhibition Hall, an Auditorium and a Lecture Hall including all services installations and all associated external works, and tree transplanting. The area of the Site is approximately 3,030m2 and the construction floor area is approximately 6,340m2.

We have to overcome the constraints inherent in a confined site and comply with all restrictions stipulated by the experienced client:

 (a) A full-time onsite Registered Site Safety Officer must be appointed to supervise the site safety, fire safety and work safety.
 (b) An Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator must be appointed for the works.
 (c) Experienced technical site supervising staff must be appointed for each architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and building services trade. This site supervising team must be full time on site.
 (d) All electrical works must be installed by Registered Electrical workers.
 (e) No works can be commenced without the written approval from Hospital.
 (f) No disruption, interruption or interference to Hospital's operation and/or suspension of Hospital's services, facilities and utilities is allowed without Hospital's prior written approval.
 (g) No overtime work, night work or outside office hour work should be carried out without Hospital's prior written approval.
 (h) No hot work, electric arc work and fire hazardous works are to be carried out in the construction site nor within Hospital's premises unless otherwise approved.
 (i) All the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and building services works shall comply with the latest edition of Government's General Specifications for public works.
 (j) A comprehensive safety plan for the construction site must be submitted to Hospital for approval. The plan must be submitted as early as possible before work commencent and in no circumstance, less than 10 weeks' time in advance.

  We have to observe and comply with the following requirements related to general security and safety:

 (a) Closure of carpark
  One week prior notice must be given to hospital for closure of the required parking spaces.
 (b) Fire Hydrant
  The existing fire hydrant near Block B should not be obstructed by the hoarding.
(c) Lighting
  Sufficient lighting should be provided for the temporary walkway along the hoarding.
 (d) Report of fire accident
  In case of fire, Hospital security team and Foreman should be immediately notified.
 (e) Emergency Vehicular Access (EVA)
  Erection of hoarding should not affect the existing EVA.
 (f) Noise control
  The noise generated during construction should be under control and should not affect tenants of the Staff Quarters.
 (g) Traffic flow
  The construction lorries should not obstruct the driveway and parking area of the Staff Quarters.
 (h) Protection of environment
  Lorries transporting the debris should be properly covered to avoid contaminating the quarter area.



  - 必須派駐一名全職註冊地盤安全助理監管地盤安全、防火和工作安全等。
  - 必須指定一名職業安全健康聯絡員。
  - 必須為建築、結構、機電及其附屬設施等各 行業聘任經驗豐富的現場技術監察人員,這 些人員必須全職在地盤工作。
 - 所有電力工程必須由註冊電力工人安裝。
  - 所有工程必須得到醫院書面許可後才可進行。
  - 除非得到醫院書面許可,否則不得影響或中斷醫院及醫院設施的正常運作和服務。
  - 除非得到醫院書面許可,否則不得進行加班、夜班和在非辦公時間工作。
  - 除非得到醫院書面許可,否則不得在地盤內或醫院範圍內進行電熱焊和有火災隱患之工作。
  - 所有建築、結構、機電和附屬設施工程必須符合政府公佈的最新公共工程一般條件。
  - 必須在開工前至少提前10周向醫院提交一份詳盡全面的安全計劃。該安全計劃獲院方批准後才可開工。

  - 關閉停車場:提前一周通知醫院關閉有關停車場。
  - 消防栓:臨時圍欄不得妨礙B座附近的消防栓。
  - 照明:為圍欄附近的臨時行人道提供充足照明設施。
  - 通報火災:發生火災時,立即通報醫院安全隊和地盤管工。
  - 緊急汽車通道(EVA):安裝圍欄不得阻塞現有的緊急汽車通道。
  - 噪音控制:嚴格控制施工噪音以不影響員工宿舍住戶為標準。
  - 交通:施工車輛不得阻塞道路和員工宿舍停車場。
  - 環境保護:運送廢料的車輛必須蓋好,以保護住宅區環境。

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