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Redevelopment of
True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates

HK$71 million






It is our honour to be entrusted with the redevelopment of the long-standing, renowned school. The project is situated at 50 Tai Hang Road, Hong Kong.
  The Works required under this Contract comprise:
 1. The construction of Block "1"- a 9-storey block of 32.585m high; and Block "2"- a 6-storey block of 25.125m high plus 1-level basement and 2-level lower ground floors. Both are reinforced concrete structures linking to an existing school block.
  2. The cutting of steel pilling/planking to required cut-off levels.
  3. The construction of lagging wall and capping beam of the bored pile wall.
  4. Shoring and site formation works.
  5. The construction of pile caps and the sub-structure work from the existing ground levels.
  6. Design to approval, supply and fix the skylight at entrance to the satisfaction of the Architect and the Building Authority.
  7. Completing Installation of:
  7.1 Plumbing and drainage installation including supply and fix of all sanitary fittings;
 7.2 Electrical installation;
 7.3 Mechanical ventilation air-conditioning installation;
 7.4 Fire services installation; and
 7.5 Swimming pool filtration system installation
 8. All builder's work in connection with the services installation.
 9. All associated hard landscaping work.
 10. Alteration, extension, adaptation and maintenance to the Architect's satisfaction of the existing hoarding, fence board, gantry and covered walkway as left over on site by the piling contractor.
  11. Addition and alteration works to the existing middle school.
  12. Re-painting the fence wall and the external wall of the existing middle school.

  The following addresses our basic concerns to the adjacent existing school and other neighbouring properties:

 (a) Working Hours
  In order not to cause disturbance to the adjoining school, we have taken the school examination period into account in our programme. We have at our own expense supplied all necessary and additional labour and other resources for night and overtime work to enable completion works in the contract time. No concrete or plastering work was carried out at night without permission of the Architect.
  (b) Silence of Operation
  We got to ensure the services installations were relatively silent with regard to the operational conditions & locations. In any case, no unreasonable noise or even discernible vibration outside the plant rooms is allowed. We have also taken all necessary steps to ensure that the equipment supplied is silent as specified and include for sound-absorbing or anti-vibration, materials or devices to achieve a satisfactory degree of silence and absence of vibration within of the building structure.
  (c) Function of the School
  With a view to allow the normal functioning of the school during construction, we have joined forces with the Architect to ensure that the Works were carried out with minimum disruption to the school activities. In this regard, we attended to every details including security requirements, working hours, noise creations, access, material storage, and workforce discipline.
  (d) Disturbance to Occupants in the Neighbourhood
  Due to the site's proximity to existing properties, we were required to arrange the work programme to minimize nuisance, noise or any other disturbance or inconvenience caused to the neighbouring occupants.

  During the construction stage we regularly showered the site area and covered loads in transit to reduce dust level.
  All plant and equipment used by us was operated and maintained in such manners so as to minimise the emission of smoke and obnoxious fumes, and was effectively "sound reduced" by means of silencers, mufflers, acoustic sheds or screens.

 1 建造"1"號樓-一座9層高32.585米的大樓;及"2"號樓-一座6層高25.125米 B外加一層地下室和兩層低地面層。這兩棟樓均是鋼筋混凝土結構,並與現有教學樓相連。
  2 切割鋼樁至要求之位置。
  3 修建鑽孔灌注樁牆之隔板牆和圈梁。
  4 支護和場地平整。
  5 修建樁帽和基礎工程。
  6 按則師和建築署要求,設計、供應並安裝入口處skylight 2。
  7 完成安裝:
  7.1 水喉及地渠,包括全部衛生潔具;
  7.2 電力設備;
  7.3 機械通風空調設備;
  7.4 消防設施;
  7.5 游泳池過濾設備。
  8 全部附屬設施安裝。
  9 全部綠化工程。
  10 維修整護前打樁承建商留下的圍欄,台架和有蓋行人道,並達至則師滿意的程度。
  11 既有中學的加建及改動工程。
  12 既有學校圍牆的重新粉飾工程。

  (a) 工作時間
  為了減低工程對校內員生之影響,我們在施工計劃中考慮到了學校考試時間。我們投入了額外人力及資源進行夜班和加班工作,以達按合約工期完工之目標。無則師許可,不在夜間進行灌注混凝土和粉飾工程。 我們明白保證學校的正常運作之重要性,故施工計劃必以此為大前提。
  (b) 安靜施工
 附屬設施的安裝工程所發出之噪音,需維持於合理的水平之下,不得對設備房以外區域造成不必要及不合理的噪音。 我們選擇提供的設備亦符合建築結構對噪音的要求,包括吸音及抗震效能。
  (c) 學校教學
  (d) 鄰居滋擾

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