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Construction of Redevelopment
of Pak Tin Estate Phase 5

(Contract No. 76 of 1997)

Hong Kong Housing Authority

Chow Architect Limited

HK$171 million



則 師



The Works to be executed under this Contract include the construction of the following major items:
(a) One 7 storey HSC Block (Housing for Senior Citizen) approximately 43m x 130m overall on plan and approximately 40.15m from ground floor (Pak Tin Street) to upper roof.
  Level 1 to 3 of the said Block are carparks comprising interalia 41 lorry parking spaces and 244 private carparking spaces. Level 4 of the said block is comprised of the concourse, Podium Garden and Ambulance Depot. Level 5 to 7 of the said Block is comprised of 288 bedroom units for senior Citizens and 6 Warden Flats.
   A retaining wall to be constructed along Pak Wan Street and Nam Cheong Street and modification of as-built temporary shoring to suit construction.
 (b) Preservation of existing trees.
 (c) Taking over and maintenance of existing hoarding along Western boundary, covered walkway along Pak Wan Street, existing hoarding, gantry, signboard and covered walkway along Pak Tin Street and existing hoarding along Nam Cheong Street.
   Relocation of existing hoarding, covered walkway along Pak Wan Street and Nam Cheong Street to the site boundary after completion of retaining wall construction. Construction of covered walkway along Nam Cheong Street together with the said relocation works.
   Relocation of existing hoarding along western boundary to the building line and to construct covered walkway before contract completion.
 (d) Taking over of existing starter bars for walls and columns from previous contract work.
 (e) The existing temporary shoring system abutting Pak Wan Street and Nam Cheong Street had been constructed beyond the site boundary. The said shoring system should be removed as directed by the Contracts Manager including the cutting and removal of all temporary works and sheet piles to 2.0m (min) below footpath level and associated waterproofing works.
  (f) Excavation, filling, compaction and disposal in connection with the construction of superstructure.
  (g) All associated drainage and external works, including lorry parking areas, retaining wall, toe wall, road, emergency and services access, play areas, ball courts, covered walkways, service mains, ducts and pits, and refuse storage area etc.


 - 一座7層高長者公寓樓,平面尺寸43米x130米,樓高40.15米。
 - 保護現有樹木。
 - 接收、養護並重建地盤周圍既有的圍欄和鋪面人行道。
 - 接收前承建商留下的未完牆和柱。
 - 現有的沿白雲街和南昌街的臨時支護超出了地盤範圍,應按合約經理指示進行拆除、切割,使之達至人行道表面2.0米以下,並進行相應的防水工程。
 - 上部結構施工所必需的開挖、回填、夯實和棄土。
  - 全部有關的排水和室外工程,包括貨車泊車區,擋土牆,道路,緊急通道,康樂區,球場,有蓋人行道,附屬設施管線/井,以及垃圾裝卸區。

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