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Regulation of Shenzhen River, Stage II, Phase 1 Works
(Contract No. DC/95/14)

Government of HKSAR

Maunsell Consultants Asia Ltd

HK$126 million







PScope of Works
The job site is situated in Lok Ma Chau within the frontier closed area. The Works which have been executed under the contract are:
 1.1 Construction of approximately 3500m of 3.5m wide border road formed on filled embankment with around 320,000m3 import material over soft ground;
  1.2 Soft ground improvement works, which include installing 54,200 No of vertical band drain, 444 No of geotechnical instrument and laying of 220,000m2 of geotextile reinforcement, over the entire embankment
  1.3 Construction of 4 No from twin cells to four cells box culverts making a total length of 55m of box culverts, 600m of drainage pipe and 320m wing walls;
  1.4 Erection of 3,600m of border fence;
  1.5 Civil Works for 3,600m of border security lighting, which include installing 10,800m of cable ducts and 165 No of draw pits; and
  1.6 Ecological mitigation measures which include planting of 4,660 No trees along the border road and reinstating fishponds within the site.

The following are the difficulties which are inherent in the Contract:

 (a) Owing to the restriction of working inside the frontier closed area, we have to follow all statutory requirements as imposed by the Hong Kong Police.
  (b) The employment of labours and other construction vehicles for the job area in particular not as easy as any job site which is not sited in the frontier closed area;
  (c) The ingress and egress of the site are controlled by the single lane traffic which creating big difficulties in importation of the requisited materials for the earth filling work;
  (d) For the sake of lots of villagers resided along the lengthened vehicle access leading from the public road to the site, we have to pay special attention to the co-ordination and communication with the local villagers for a better maintenance of public relationship during the construction period;
  (e) The existing border road, which can only withstand very light traffic, is the only access available for us during the construction of new embankment. We have to utilize the existing border road as a haul road and to maintain the intact of it to a safe and secured standard as requested by the Hong Kong Police before any part of the new embankment can be used for vehicular traffic.
  (g) There is not a ground for granting extension of time under the Conditions of Contract resulting from inclement weather for the project. As it should be well-known that Hong Kong, in the year from 1997 to 1998, has experienced the most wetness years recorded in the past 100 years. We have to face the most difficult situation to strike for balance in terms of cost and time to meet with the client's requirement;
  (h) As the Mai Po Luner Deep Bay Ramsar Site is within the vicinity of our job site, special care and precautionary measures have to be employed during the course of construction;
  (i) Apart from liaison and co-ordination at Hong Kong side, close and frequent liaison is also required with the government authorities in the People's Republic of China regarding different stages of Progress and the environmental issue.
  (j) Despite of the difficulties that envisaged in the project, we have eventually & successfully finished the project to the satisfaction of the Employer in achieving the quality, time and cost consideration.
 After all, the degree of complexity for the Contract is not just apparently a simple designed roads and drainage project but is actually considered high in comparing with other similar nature of project.


 1.1 修建長約3,500米、寬3.5米的邊界道路,軟土路堤,填方量約32萬立方米;
  1.2 軟基處理工程,包括在整個路堤上安裝54,200個垂直排水帶,444個土力探測儀,和鋪設22萬平方米土工布;
  1.3 建造4個雙管至4管總長55米的箱涵,600米排水管和320米長翼牆;
  1.4 鋪設3,600米邊境防護網;
  1.5 3,600米邊界照明燈的土建工程,包括安裝10,800米長電纜管和165個電纜坑;
  1.6 生態保護措施,包括沿邊界道路種植4,660棵樹和重建地盤內的養魚池。

 - 鑒於在邊界禁區內工作的限制,必須遵守香港警方的各項規章制度;
  - 招募在邊界禁區內工作的員工和施工機械比其他地盤困難得多;
  - 地盤出入口為單車道,給填土工程的入口料造成巨大困難。
  - 從公共道路至地盤的便道旁住有許多居民,在施工期間必須特別小心處理與當地居民的關係。
  - 既有的邊界道路,只可允許少量的車流量,且是建造新河堤期間的唯一便道。在施工期間,我們不得不利用該便道,且需按香港警方的要求,維護保養好該便道並達到安全標準。
  - 本合約項下有許多進口物料,如排水帶,土工布,土力探測儀,及新邊界防護網用的鐵絲網。在工期很緊的形勢下,必須仔細安排各種物料的進口時間,以免延誤工期。
  - 本合約規定,不會因天氣原因給予延長工期。而在1997-1998年度,本港遭遇了百年未見的暴雨天氣,這給我們爭取工期和成本效益帶來了極大困難。
  - 米埔深灣自然保護區位於本工程範圍內,施工期間必須注意各項保護措施。
  - 除了與香港方面的聯繫和協調外,還需與大陸方面就進度和環境事宜加強溝通。
  - 儘管有上述種種困難,我們最終成功地完成了本工程,按時,高質量並有經濟效益。

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